Preparing to walk the aisle: 10 tips for a less stressful wedding day

Planning a wedding can be a joyous, exciting yet stressful time in any bride-to-be's life.  Below are a few tips on lessening your stress level before your "Big Day"!

1. Take a break:  I know this seems like an unlikely task 30 days from your big day, but take a break from planning.  One day to enjoy life outside of wedding planning will help you to relax and realize that the "Big Day" is truly only ONE day.  

2. Hire a wedding coordinator:  Leave room in your budget for someone to help coordinate your wedding.  This doesn't mean you'll need them from start to finish, but hiring someone to help you the day of your wedding will greatly reduce stress on that day. The wedding coordinator can deal with your vendors, bridal party, and any last minute items you may have forgotten to pick up.  Do yourself a favor and hire someone to help! See our services page to find out how we can help you.

3. Establish a wedding day timeline:  The day of the wedding is stressful enough so prior to your day make a timeline. Include important appointments for your bridal party, the time everyone should be at their designated area, and the flow of the ceremony to the reception. Be sure to make copies of this for your wedding coordinator, bridal party, and you and your groom. Below is an example.

4. Confirm your vendors:  At least two weeks prior to your wedding confirm ALL of your vendors!  Make sure they know where they will need to arrive and what time.  Make your final payments if you haven't done so already. And be sure to add those times to your timeline.  

5. Make a list for your photographer:  No bride or groom wants to spend their whole wedding reception taking pictures.  So in order to avoid this have a list prepared of all the important shots you want to get taken. (I would also suggest letting your family know to hang around as well to get your family photos taken immediately after the ceremony.)  Go over your list with your wedding coordinator so she can help round up your family members and bridal party.  Once your pictures are out of the way you and your groom are free to greet your guests and enjoy your reception.

6. Remember to eat:  Wherever you and your bridal party are getting dressed be sure to provide light snacks to nibble on.  The day is long and full of excitement and it's easy to forget something as simple as food. Have something handy so you won't have to waste time trying to stop somewhere for a quick bite to eat. Example: water, fruit, chips, sandwiches etc.

7. Get your Maid/Matron of honor involved:  The Maid/Matron of honor is here to help you.  She's likely your BFF or sister and she probably knows you best so when she asks what you need help with make sure you're prepared!  Put her in charge of answering your cell phone, making sure all of the bridal party arrives to the place your getting dressed, and have her help you get dressed.  She's there to help so make sure you use her!

8. Vendor contact list:  Keep track of all of your vendors.  Make a list of your vendors, the contact person's name, and their phone number and email addresses.  Make sure this list is either printed out to give to someone or easily accessed in case of an emergency. Below is an example. 

9. DON'T FORGET THE MARRIAGE LICENSE:  If you watch Real Housewives of Atlanta then you know one of the cast members forgot her marriage license at home the day of the wedding. There was so much drama surrounding going to get it.  So save yourself the drama and be sure to give it to your coordinator the night of the rehearsal. That will be one less thing you have to worry about the day of your wedding.

10. RELAX, RELATE, RELEASE:  Even with all of the stress of planning your wedding it is really only one day out of many years of marriage!  Don't just plan your wedding, plan your marriage! Try to focus more on your marriage rather than the one day. Take time to communicate with your soon to be spouse throughout the wedding process. Share the wedding responsibilities with him. Also, talk at length about life after the wedding. The book below is a great resource. 

I hope these tips are helpful in helping you plan your big day!  And congrats to all brides-to-be!  

And don't forget we can help you plan a beautiful and stress free wedding! Send us an email to set up a FREE consultation!

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As always be beautiful, encouraged, and inspired, which is the KDK way!

Xo, Kiirstin

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