5 Ways to STICK to your Wedding Day Budget

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Setting and sticking to a budget is probably one of the most difficult things to do for most people, (myself included). We all want what we want and are usually willing to stretch our budgets to get what we WANT. Well when planning a wedding it’s easy to fall into the same trap. Everything sounds so lovely, and there’s all these pretty little details you want to incorporate into your day, and by the time you get down to it you’ve stretched yourself far beyond what you can afford! Well no worries I am here to help you set and stick to your budget with these 5 tips!

  1. Meet with a wedding planner FIRST: This may sound odd and ridiculous to some but this is imperative to researching wedding costs. Most wedding planners (myself included, go here to schedule) offer a FREE consultation where you can get questions answered and find out actual wedding costs. If you can’t meet with one or don’t want to then Google is KING! Don’t go onto step 2 without this step completed first!

  2. Decide what you CAN and CAN'T live without: In order to set a budget that you can stick to then you need to decide what you absolutely can’t live without and what you don’t necessarily need. You and your fiancé should make a list of the things that are important for you to have on your wedding day and those are the things to include in your budget. Make sure to cover not just the big ticket items, but also the smaller things that you may forget about i.e. ceremony programs, bridal party gifts, etc.

  3. Set the budget: Now you know what you guys can’t live without on that day so it’s time to give those items a price tag. Set your budget. Add up all the must haves and make sure to include a contingency amount for the things you may have forgotten or that may pop up.

  4. Create a tracking method: Once you’ve decided on the amount you need to create a way to keep track of what you’re spending per item. I have a created a FREE budget template to help you keep track of what you’re spending. If you’re interested in this FREE tool sign up below to download the KDK wedding day budget tracker.

  5. Lastly, make sure you're keeping track of your spending: So this may go without saying, but it’s not going to work if you don’t actually update your spending worksheet. This is the only way you’re going to know what you’re spending and what you have left to spend for each category. Get into a habit of updating the spreadsheet once a week. Have a place to hold onto all of your receipts and pick a day at the end of the week and sit and update your KDK budget tracker. Put in all of the dollar amounts and sit and talk with your fiancé about where you guys are in your budget and where you may need to slow down your spending.


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Hopefully these tips will help you and be sure to sign up for our KDK Wedding Day Budget Tracker. It’ll help you to make a list of must haves, set your budget, and help you to keep track of your wedding day spending. This is the same template I use with each of my brides and it is a great resource.

As always be beautiful, encourage, and inspired.

Xo, Kiirstin