Where do I start: 3 Places to start when planning your Wedding

Congratulations you’re engaged!  Now what are you supposed to do?  Before we officially launched our business lots of friends would ask this question to us.  They’d get engaged and once the newness of being engaged wears off they realize they have a wedding to plan.  Not everyone is a savvy party planner, so figuring out where you start can be an overwhelming experience. Below we’re giving you the first three things to tackle when you start planning your wedding.

Figure out your budget & who's paying

how to create a wedding budget how to plan a wedding
  • The first thing you need to determine is how much money you want to spend.  Weddings can be expensive (avg. cost $26,645), so before you pick any colors or decide on any wedding themes figure out what you want to spend.  Once you’ve determined your budget then you need to decide if anyone else will contribute to the cost of your wedding or if you and your fiancé will pay for it all out of your pockets.  Nowadays weddings are a joint effort.  Gone are the days where the sole costs lie on the bride’s family.  More and more couples are paying for the wedding out of their pockets and parents are pitching in where they can.

Pick your date

how to pick a date for your wedding how to plan a wedding
  • Once you’ve determined your budget it’s time to think about when you’d like to jump the broom.  This can go hand and hand with your budget because it can be more expensive to get married during certain times of the year. Doing your wedding on a Friday or a Sunday evening can have a significant savings on your overall budget, so picking the right date is key!

Develop your wedding theme

how to pick a wedding theme how to plan a wedding
  • So now you know what you’re going to spend, you’ve determined who’s going to help pay for it all and you've picked a date, now it’s time to get into the fun stuff!  Pick your theme and colors!  Now you can start researching all of your creative ideas on what you want your actual day to look like.  This is where you decide if you want a romantic theme, fun filled party, vintage, rustic, etc.  The options are limitless!  Here you can incorporate you and your fiancé’s personalities.  Think about the things you like to do as a couple and go from there.  Putting your personal touch on your wedding makes the day complete and your own.

We know this sounds real simple, but it may still be difficult for you to implement!  Because we already know this may still be a difficult task for some we developed our KDK Where do I start planning packageThis package is an hour long consultation with a planner where you guys go over your budget, all of your ideas, and help you to consider some ideas to incorporate.  We will get to know you and your fiancé and take your ideas and organize them into an inspiration board and recommendations list that will help you to begin planning your wedding.  From there you’re able to continue planning on your own or you can decide to hire us as your planner to help you create the day of your dreams!  Schedule an appointment with us today and get more information.

Let us know in the comments what you struggle with when planning an event!

xo, Kiirstin