Prom Dress Trends We're LOVING!

Prom season is in full effect and I can't help but to reminisce on my senior prom.  I couldn't wait to go shopping for the perfect dress.  But like many young ladies I didn't want to look like anyone else, not to mention my school had a ton of rules on what was appropriate and what wasn't, which made shopping even more difficult.  So in light of prom season and my need to relive my senior prom here are my favorite prom dress trends!  Share this with any young lady still looking for the perfect dress!

  • Two Piece Dresses

  • Off the Shoulder dresses

  • Mermaid Fit dresses


Now that you have a few ideas of trends that slay we want to see how you SLAYED on your prom night! Submit your prom picture to us via email for a chance to be featured in our Top 5 Prom Slayers blog! Make sure your picture is clear and shows your full attire. Spread the word and submit your pictures! Let us know in the comments which is your favorite trend.

Thanks for reading!

xo, Kiirstin