Your BFF is getting married! YAY! And of course she wants you apart of her #bridesquad! However, buying a $300 bridesmaid dress isn’t in your budget.  Here are three ways to save on your dress.  Make sure to share with your newly engaged BFF. (lol)


Rent your bridesmaid dress:  

Now I know this seems odd.  I actually just recently heard of this.  But renting is actually a GREAT idea!  Instead of spending $300 on a dress you can easily rent a dress for less than $100!  That’s a savings of $200!  If you know like I know then you would want to save those $200.  Try the below websites for designer bridesmaids gowns and great rental rates. Little Borrowed Dress, Rent the Runway, Vow to be Chic

Shop in non-bridal stores:

Most brides usual go straight to their local bridal salon to pick out their bridesmaids dresses, but shopping in stores that aren’t fully known for bridal attire could save money.  Check out Nordstrom, Dillards, or Ann Taylor.  

Buy Online:  

Some may disagree with this because it’s hard to buy things when you can’t see them, however you can buy from websites that will allow you to return dresses that are unworn.  Below are my picks for best websites to find bridesmaids dresses.  Asos.com, lulus.com, jjshouse.com and weddingtonway.com


I hope this helps all bridesmaids out there, and any brides reading this!  KD Kulture is always looking for ways our readers and clients can save money.  So make sure you’re subscribed so you can stay in the know!  We are always here to help consult with you on bridal styling, wedding consulting, and budget consulting!  Make sure you check out our services page to get more information on our consultations and planning packages.  

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xo, Kiirstin