5 Things You Should Know When Attending a Bridal Show

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You have now entered into full on planning mode and you're ready to attend your first bridal show as a bride to be!  Yay!  Bridal shows can be lots of fun and very informative.  But before you go trotting off into unchartered territory KDK has a few things you should know on how to navigate.

  1. Research is KING!! Do your research!  I can’t stress this enough.  Get a list of upcoming bridal shows in your area. Then decide on the best shows to attend.  You want to make sure the shows offer a variety of wedding vendors that can cater to all budgets.  The goal here is to make sure the time you're investing into attending the shows will pay off for you.  So research and start making plans to attend.

  2. Buy your tickets early!  You’ve done your research and you know which shows you want to attend.  Next you need to buy your tickets early.  And this isn’t because you think they’ll sell out, but it’s to get the discounted ticket price LOL! Lots of shows offer discounts if you buy your tickets early and who can resist a good deal.

  3. Bring family and bridal party members who can actually help.  If you pick the right shows then chances are they will be jammed packed with people all vying for the attention of the showcase vendors.  So it can be a stressful situation.  Don’t add to your stress.  Bring those who can help you get your questions answered and help you find the vendors you need.

  4. Arrive early. Arriving early gives you the best chance to be able to talk to wedding vendors and get some of your questions answered.

  5. Bring your camera.  In our social media world this is almost a given! But I’ll say it anyways.  Bring a camera to snap photos of ideas and trends you want to incorporate.  Document the things you like and possible things you don’t.  And don’t forget to take pics of those you brought with you to remember the occasion.

The point of these shows is to gather as much information as possible to pick the right wedding vendors for your wedding day.  I recently attended the New Orleans Bridal Show at the Astor Crowne Plaza hotel check out my vlog to see my shenanigans and the things I loved about the show!

P.S. There's also some footage of another event I attended the same night on Finances.  Great networking event!

As always be beautiful, encouraged, and inspired, which is the KDK way!

xo, Kiirstin